Meeting other remote workers just got easier

The Galavant App connects you with other nearby remote workers—allowing you to network, organize meetups, and build community…anywhere in the world!

Meet other remote workers, anywhere in the world

The Galavant App is the first location-based networking app designed specifically for remote workers and location independent professionals—no ads, no gimmicks, just easy networking with like-minded people, anywhere in the world.

Less small talk, more meaningful connections

The Galavant App makes it easy to meet other like-minded remote workers based on location, mutual interests, travel history and plans, and more. Gone are the days of overcrowded forums and awkward meetup groups.

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Share experiences and build community

The Galavant App is helping remote workers and travelers all around the world take full advantage of their flexible lifestyles by sharing experiences, getting support, and building community

The Galavant App is now available in the iOS Store!