Frequently Asked Questions

Galavant FAQ


What is Galavant?

Galavant is a resource hub for the unconventional worker. We are building products to make work and travel easier for the location independent. We aim to provide three main categories: information, physical products, and mobile apps.    

What does location independent mean?

Location independent refers to individuals who are not tied to a single geography or location for their work. This includes full-time remote workers, digital entrepreneurs and nomads, freelancers, many creatives, and more.

I only work remotely part-time, is Galavant right for me?

Yes! We created Galavant not just for full-time remote workers, but for everyone that spends time outside a traditional office or workplace setting.  Even those who work remotely part-time can use our platform to make the LI lifestyle easier than ever.

Where can I find more information on remote work and a location independent lifestyle?

For more information on remote work and leading a location independent lifestyle, check out our blog and follow us on social media where we post tips, information, and other resources regularly!