The 6 Best Vacations for Remote Workers in 2022

Jun 2, 2022

There’s no need to stick to the same old boring work trip destinations. This year, COVID-19 has given rise to a new term: the “workation.” A workation is simply a vacation taken for the purpose of working. And with so many people now working remotely, the options for where to take your workation are endless.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this list of 10 dreamy destinations for a Workation this year. From beaches and mountains to bustling cities and charming towns, there’s something for everyone on this list. And best of all, most of these destinations offer great deals on accommodations and activities during the off-season. So whether you’re longing for some sun and sand or want to explore a new city, consider planning a Workation in one of these amazing locations!

Trends in the travel industry show that remote workers will be more likely to take vacations. In fact, a recent survey shows that 82% of people are planning on taking a vacation this year and that most of them will choose to do so remotely. There’s no better time than now to start planning your next vacation. Whether you’re a remote worker or someone who wants the flexibility of working from anywhere, we’ve made it easy for you with our list of the 10 best vacations in 2022!

Just remember that: 1) We recommend planning ahead and booking these trips at least three months out because some countries have peak seasons where prices increase dramatically; 2) These are not all-inclusive resorts; they’re just suggestions based on what we found to be best for a remote worker; and, 3) Remember, it’s not just about the destination; you will want to pack your backpack with essential workation items.

When planning a workcation, there are several things you need to take into account. First, be aware of time zone differences and how they affect your productivity. If you’re used to working from 9am-5pm EST but the destination is in a different time zone, make sure to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Second, pick a destination that matches what you typically do on the job. For example, if you’re a writer but want to go to Japan for a workcation, it might not be the best idea – unless you plan on doing some writing while there as well.

A workcation is more about staying productive than vacationing, so you might want to pick a place where it’s easy to get around for those who need to move around a lot throughout their stay. That said, try and find somewhere with good Wi-Fi access so that you can still stay connected while on vacation!

Workations are a great way to work remotely – just make sure your employer is okay with it first! They can last anywhere between two and six weeks depending on the travel schedule of the traveler. However, travelers should be careful not to get too tired from their travels as it can lead to satisfaction and productivity issues in remote locations.

Last but not least, always plan your workation at least three months in advance as you may need to adjust your plans depending on your employer’s availability. Do some research and find the best destination for you – it’ll make the planning process a lot easier!

Furthermore, a good internet connection is essential for remote work. Make sure to research the availability of broadband and Wi-Fi connections in your potential destination spot. If you plan to be working outside, a kitchen and nearby restaurants will come in handy! It’s also important to have a place where you can take breaks – like a park, beach, or pool.


If you like to relax without flying too far, Santa Barbara or Santa Monica is the best place for you!


Santa Barbara has an amazing funk zone, farm-to-table restaurants, luxury beachside resorts, local wineries, and all the other things you need for a relaxing workation this year. Plus, it’s only about two hours away from Los Angeles airport so it’s easy to get to. This beach town, Santa Monica, is 100 miles up the coast of Los Angeles. The weather here is sunny and beachy which makes it perfect if you want to mix business with pleasure on your trip. You can also find great places to stay right on the water here – like Casa Del Mar which offers stunning ocean views. This destination offers a great workation option for those that are looking to stay remote but not too far from home. If you want something more exotic than Santa Barbara but less chaotic than say Miami or New York City – then this might be the perfect spot for you.


If you like the beach, Honolulu, Hawaii is the best place for you!


Honolulu is on the beach and has a “Movers & Shakas” program that allows you to stay at The Ritz-Carlton for free in exchange for your time and effort in helping Hawaii build its economy. The Alohilani Resort is ten minutes away from Waikiki Beach and the Wiliwilinui Hiking Trail and Honolulu Museum of Art are nearby. Waikiki Beach has small waves but great views.


If you want to be in wine country, Petaluma, Calif is the best place for you!


If you’re looking for a great place to live that’s close to both Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area, Petaluma is perfect. It’s a small town with a tight-knit community, but it has all the amenities of a larger city. Plus, there are plenty of things to do in Petaluma – from wine country and craft breweries to social justice efforts and unique events. And if you need to meet people, Acre Coffee is the perfect spot.


If you want a manageable city, Topeka, Kansas is the best place for you!


Topeka, Kansas is a great place to live and work. The city has a lot to offer, including cultural events and free Wi-Fi. Topeka is primarily known for its music festival, Country Stampede. However, the city also offers many other things that make it a great place to live and work remotely. For example, the North Topeka Arts District was restored in 2008 and includes murals, galleries, restaurants, and more. Kelly Edkin of Juli’s Coffee and Bistro said she sees a lot of remote workers there. In addition, the best part about Topeka is the people who live there.


If you’re a foodie, Tucson, Arizona is the best place for you!


If you’re a foodie, Tucson is the place for you. The city was recently designated as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, and there are plenty of amazing restaurants to explore. The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food includes the local favorite Barrio Bread. Other food recommendations in Tucson include exploration of the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and exploring some Sonoran Desert dishes, such as Mexican cuisine or bread made from Sonoran wheat.

Geography has a huge impact on the type of people who visit the offices. There is an increase in remote workers, as 20% of guests have been from bigger cities around the world. This could be due to Tucson’s close proximity to other major metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Los Angeles. The monsoon season in Tucson is from June to September. During this time, there is an increased chance of rain (hence the name), which can make outdoor activities like hiking a bit more challenging. However, it’s also when many locals enjoy spending time at one of Tucson’s beautiful parks or visiting one of its five nearby mountain ranges. So if you’re looking for an interesting cross-cultural experience, Tucson is a great place to be. Finally, Tucson is known for its access to stargazing and dark skies. If you’re interested in exploring the universe, this city should definitely be on your list.


If you like nature, Ithaca, N.Y. is the best place for you!


If you love nature, you’ll love Ithaca. The area is ideal for remote work, with colleges and universities as well as wine trails. The region’s name comes from its 11 long, narrow lakes. Ithaca is located at the foot of Cayuga Lake and offers easy access to urban amenities as well as many towns and attractions nearby. Watkins Glen State Park is a 30-minute drive away, while Buttermilk Falls State Park is only 10 minutes away. Nature is everywhere in Ithaca. The Finger Lakes are great for dining in an intimate setting – it might not be the most comfortable environment during a pandemic, but it’s safe and cozy there! New York Times Travel has written about how Instagram-worthy this town is.


Written By: Frances De Guzman

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