Different Types of Remote Jobs in 2022

May 21, 2022

The pandemic paved the way for the world of remote work to rapidly expand, making it possible than ever to virtually work anywhere. According to Quartz, more than 5% of Americans work from home, and the percentage is growing rapidly. The number of persons working remotely part-time is predicted to reach 50% of the workforce by 2025. Furthermore, a recent Buffer poll found that 93% of remote workers want to keep working from home.

There are remote opportunities for everyone, whether you’re a new employee with basic computer knowledge or an experienced professional with advanced technological certifications. Many of these occupations provide greater flexibility than on-site jobs while also compensating competitively.

Working from home has become more prevalent even before COVID-19. Some examples of remote jobs include customer support, technology, accounting, and advertising that make it simple to fulfill essential functions from anywhere. With many offices closing, companies are extending their recruitment pool and therefore are eager to accept employees from outside their immediate area. If you’re considering working from home, the best part is that remote employment is available in a variety of fields, including healthcare, education, and marketing.

Working from home brings a number of benefits. Working from the place where they feel most innovative and effective is convenient and more delightful for employees. It saves businesses a lot of money in operating costs. Individuals throughout the world will have more career prospects of the remote working culture. More employees are more likely to use existing technology to do the significant proportion of their tasks as it advances. Some employees even use technology to complete tasks and connect with coworkers, making it easier for them to perform all of their work from a distance. Remote jobs allow you to work from the comfort of your own home, on your own time and on your own routine.

In 2018, 3.6% of Americans worked half-time or more from home, and remote employment had increased by more than 159% since 2005. Furthermore, according to an AngelList survey, 98% of remote workers want to keep working from home for the rest of their lives. While there are work from home opportunities available in almost every field of employment available, some professions and sectors are more prevalent than others.

If you are wondering whether a remote job should have a degree, it is only a stereotype that remote employment is just for white collar professionals with educational qualifications or higher. More than half of the finest remote jobs, especially from other countries, require no more than a high school diploma.

Most occupations were once performed in a physical office, but companies are now proactively recruiting fresh people who are willing to work remotely. Even while virtual recruiting and training might be intimidating at times, it can be a very worthwhile opportunity for new employees if the appropriate processes and techniques are implemented. While there has been a tremendous shift in favor of remote work in almost all areas in recent years, there are still a few jobs that can be done entirely from home.

So, if you’re entirely reliant on shifting to a remote job or just need a safe employment till the pandemic ends, try searching for any job title on leading job platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, Fiverr, and others, and add “remote” to the location field to improve your search results. Alternatively, look for work-at-home, work-from-home, or stay-at-home jobs online. A large number of full-time remote jobs are available in the FlexJobs database of thousands of part-time, remote, freelance, and other flexible jobs. The following list is based on the FlexJobs database’s main types of remote work employment.

  1. Copywriting, Blogging, Editing & Freelance Writing Jobs

Writing is one of the most traditional remote careers available. Few things compare to gathering up every inspiration and exhilaration of new surroundings and then pouring all of that new energy into a blank text file. Upwork, Workew, WeWorkRemotely, Muck Rack, and even LinkedIn allow you to do everything from personal blogs to copywriting for larger organizations to editing other people’s work. It’s a compensated service that connects you to great opportunities.

This is ideal for writers who don’t want to leave their homes and prefer to work when they wish. Copywriters provide original material for a company. They could write copy for ads, websites, blog articles, social media posts, or video scripts. Other duties include coming up with fresh insights and proposing them, creating various types of articles as well as promotional email campaigns.

There is a plethora of freelance writing chances for individuals who put in the effort to hunt for employment, varying from copywriting to content marketing to ghostwriting. The average annual salary for a freelance writer is $39,704.

  1. Virtual Assistant Jobs

It is now possible to be an assistant halfway around the world, owing to the increased virtualization and internet dependence of the world. You are a better match for being a virtual assistant if you excel at spreadsheets, calendar management, organizing schedules, conducting daily research, providing customer service and support for business, keeping track of finances and bookkeeping, and helping to grow a business through social media marketing and email. Even the website Upwork is recruiting a virtual Executive Assistant right now. While many online computer professions need advanced technical skills, not every employment may require additional schooling or training. There are various basic work-from-home computer jobs available for entry-level remote employees. Working as a virtual assistant may be an option for you, according to your preferences and expertise. Virtual assistants work from home while performing administrative tasks for their clients. Scheduling appointments, answering phones, editing firm documents, preparing basic marketing materials, and entering figures into databases are all common jobs. According to PayScale, the average hourly wage for a virtual assistant is $15.76, while the average hourly wage for a data entry clerk is $13.42.

  1. Remote Sales & Marketing Jobs

Many businesses hire sales and marketing agents who work from home. The possibilities are limitless, from managing social media platforms to giving sales support over the phone or remotely. Outbound salespeople usually have a better work life balance and are not required to work in an office. Furthermore, many salespeople are able to work from home. Unlike the other remote jobs listed above, certain sales jobs do require you to travel a little bit. Most businesses, however, are fine with you working from home as long as you reach your sales targets. Sales associate, account manager, and sales manager are some of the most prevalent sales positions. According to the BLS, sales occupations pay a wide range of wages, with a typical annual compensation of $29,630.8.

  1. Programming Jobs

Anything is feasible with an internet service and some noise-canceling headphones, from video game development to coding and computer engineering to front end and back-end software developers. They use coding languages like Java, C++, and SQL to create and test programs. Many competent programmers self-teach using free web resources and land a well-paying job without a college diploma. They can work remotely since their occupation is computer-based. Companies compensate substantially for competent computer programmers with a diverse portfolio. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual compensation for a computer programmer is $86,550.

  1. Remote Graphic Designer Jobs

People who indulge operating with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other similar software will find graphic design to be an extremely innovative job. You can assist businesses by developing their webpages, social networking sites graphics, or user experience design. This position necessitates a highly creative mind as well as familiarity with popular graphic design applications. Although some education is essential to work as a web developer or graphic designer, companies in both fields are more interested in your abilities than where you learned them. A core competency will be more valuable than your qualifications. Furthermore, both careers are employment that may be done from home, either as a full-time employee or as a freelancer. According to the BLS, web developers make a median annual salary of $73,760, while graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $52,110.

  1. Customer Service Representative

If you can be responsible and accurately handle customers’ inquiries or concerns in a timely manner, establish a positive emotional connection with the customer and connect them to the brand, possess basic phone etiquette, process orders and escalate complaints across a number of communication channels, you are right for this job! Customer service jobs can easily be done at home, either over the phone or via Internet chat, hours are flexible, and you won’t need a lot of training other than patience. Customer service representatives can expect to earn $17.94 per hour or $37,320 per year.



Written By: Frances De Guzman

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