Celebrating Girl Power, Digital Nomad Style

Mar 3, 2022

It’s International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th. If you’re like me, you already have your arsenal of empowering quotes at the ready to help encourage and empower all the women who will be celebrating their achievements this year. However, we can all sometimes feel a little lost as to what we should be doing. What are my goals? What am I aspiring towards? Where do I feel like I want to go in life? The answers are sometimes not as clear-cut as we might expect or hope they would be. What if I was able to give you a few clues on what direction you could be heading in though? Maybe some inspiration is just around the corner!

In this article, we are going to celebrate some women who have accomplished their dreams as digital nomads. These ladies are motivating as they are strong, independent personalities who want to do things on their own terms.


Jenna Hushka

If you’re looking for fun and entertainment, you came to the right place. Jenna’s reels do not fail to elicit a laugh or two as she talks about corporate life situations and beyond. Jenna’s ability to create light content while tackling work issues demonstrates her sunny personality. Her followers are 41,200 strong as of press time and this proves how effectively she attracts the market with her independent lifestyle. Besides Instagram, Jenna is active on TikTok where she grows a different set of audience.



Following Jenna is another female digital nomad who’s got amazing tech expertise. Delia is a Google Engineer who is very passionate about coding. She gets to balance her technical craft by creating funny reels that appeal not only to tech guys and ladies but also to other types of digital nomads. She’s not only a full-time software engineer but also a digital nomad with a very unique approach to content creation. Her Instagram account, with 64,800 followers, is a mix of tech and humor.


Libryia Jones

Whenever I browse Instagram, I find myself liking post after post of Libryia Jones. She’s a seasoned coach and an advocate of “Quit Commuting.” With 21,100 followers, she surely knows what she is talking about and her audience loves her. Libryia has been able to build a huge following in the nomad community because of her relevant, engaging reels that are always interesting to watch. She constantly provides value to her audience by creating posts that cover a wide range of topics such as how to find a remote job, how to start your own business, and how to be productive while working remotely. She delivers this with a dash of humor on the side,


Erin May Henry

Business and branding mentor Erin is a digital creator set to help entrepreneurs make money online and outside of the corporate world. She is the founder of The Chillpreneur Company, which offers courses to aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to succeed in their chosen fields. She provides a space for like-minded individuals while helping them navigate marketing and other aspects of their business.



Digital nomad, world traveler, and blogger Liz has set out to inspire new generations of digital nomads. Her reels are fun and relatable and her videos keep audiences glued to their screens as she takes us on a journey around the globe. Her Instagram profile is all about having fun in the sun while working remotely. If you’re looking for some inspiration to take that leap into becoming a digital nomad yourself, then look no further! With 105k followers and 61 countries on her passport, you can count on Liz for helpful tips and travel guides.


Louise Henry

A lot of these digital nomad women are self-made entrepreneurs and one of them is Louise. Being an Online Business Strategist focused on tech systems, Louise works from anywhere while imparting the lessons that she learned from her own entrepreneurial journey. With a huge following on both Instagram and YouTube, she makes sure that her content is all focused on business-building. The reels on her page give bite-sized information about her expertise while keeping it fun. Louise is a certified digital nomad as shown in her photo collection. She’s definitely living a good nomadic life!



Rounding off this list of fierce and independent ladies is Christa. Working as a digital nomad coach, her mission is to guide those who aspire to live a mobile life while earning a stable income. She has traveled to 59 countries in a span of only 8 years! With photos from her travels, she makes sure to pay it forward by dropping useful tips and advice on how to live a location-independent lifestyle. 


Truth be told, women are more likely to pack up their bags and go on long trips. The truth is they don’t like staying put. If the world has roads, they want to travel on them. There are so many female digital nomads who are craving a place for themselves wherever they go. Nomadic women continue to show that it’s possible for women to live their dream of traveling around the globe and earning money without having to work in an office building or startup from scratch. There are no limits as to what you can do, woman!



Written By: Frances De Guzman

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