Digital Nomad Couples to Follow in 2022

Feb 16, 2022

Instagram had seen a rise in all kinds of influencers as more and more ordinary people turn to social media as a source of income or a means of self-expression. Abandoning the privacy of their personal lives, the camera became a constant companion as their daily routine or a new activity is filmed for the entertainment of their followers.


In the digital nomad world, the usual subject is the nature of work and the travels that come with the job. Often, the influencer is by her lonesome and in charge of her own production from conceptualizing to editing. On the flip side, I see another kind of influencer on Instagram—the digital nomad couples. Defying the assumption that digital nomads live on their own, couples prove that two heads are indeed better than one. As we just celebrated Valentine’s Day, let’s turn the spotlight to digital nomad couples to follow on Instagram this year.


Meghan and Matt

Leading our couple’s list is full-time van lifer Meghan and Matt. With 12.1K followers and counting, they sure are famous on IG as they share a glimpse of their everyday lives living in their fully-customized RV. With content ranging from the features of their RV to personal couple matters, Meghan and Matt prove that teamwork makes the dream work. What I love the most is how Matt vocally adores Meghan and devotes entire posts about how wonderful his life partner is. Personally, I love their fun and quirky reels! And though they are famous, they allot time to engage with their followers through quick replies to comments.


Valérie and Alessandro

This European photographer couple does not live the usual laptop lifestyle but uses the camera to document their nomadic living. Valerie and Alessandro bring sexy back with sultry IG content that takes their followers to amazing never-before-seen places around the world. Their account is a collection of creative shots that could pass off as scenes from a postcard as they give off a forever-honeymoon vibe. With a huge following of 203K, this power couple undeniably magnetizes their audience to their sensual content.


Tanner and Nallely

Curious about the van lifestyle? Be one of Tanner and Nallely’s 16.4K followers and watch their reels for a sneak peek of what it’s like to live in an Airstream. Yup, that’s right. Tanner and Nallely’s choice of abode is an Airstream, that fully-packed aluminum transportation that allows remote living. Filled with van tours and different topics about RV lifestyle, their IG is a good resource if you’re contemplating leaving home to be an Airstream resident. As of press time, the couple has been to 30 out of 63 national parks, and having spent five years on the road, there really is no stopping for this boondocking pair.


Dan and Kenz

When Dan and Kenz met and became a couple three years ago, Kenz expressed her dream of living in a van and the rest is history. According to a post, they then left their jobs and started a remote business to support the dream. Today they are traveling around the US in their awesome RV. If you’re looking for a worthy influencer to follow, make sure to add Dan and Kenz to your list because more than tips on living in a van, they have heartwarming posts on how to live a positive and mindful life.


Jor and San

With a self-explanatory IG handle, @twocampersandacorgi goes through the crazy day-to-day antics of Dutch couple Jor and San with the special participation of their Corgi. You will never get tired of laughing as they explore the lighter side of nomadic life. The couple incorporates humor in what they do, and this constantly shows in their content. Jor and San are so game you would think the couple never goes through marital issues. Of course, they’ve had their fair share of fights and arguments but they also give advice on this matter. When you follow Jor and San along with 11.9K followers, you will know in your heart if this lifestyle is for you.


Laura and Cody

If our first five digital nomad couples chose to live in a van, here we have The Smiths who decided to make a school bus their home. With a much bigger space than a van, Tots the bus, as they fondly call it, became the most reasonable choice for Laura and Cody. Tots is fully customized and just recently had a fresh coat of paint in a grayish color. The skoolie gives off a co-working space vibe with Laura and Cody working for the same company. Interestingly, the couple shares bits and pieces of their nomadic lifestyle along with advice on how to effectively separate work from their personal lives. When not working, they are open to meeting other nomads on the road.


Bec and Gary

In the Land Down Under, lives a couple named Bec and Gary who have been spending the last three years living in a van. And it looks like they are truly loving it! Follow their adventures as they flaunt Australia’s beautiful nature in every frame captured. Being one of their 45.5K followers, the photos leave me awestruck unbelieving that there are such pristine places in the world. And if that isn’t enough, Bec and Gary also give their audience a lot of white sand, beaches, and underwater shots. Truly a feast for the eye!


Houman and Rosie

From Australia, we head to a favorite digital nomad destination, Thailand. Based in the beachside location of Koh Samui, couple Houman and Rosie have been traveling as digital nomads for three years now. Their IG account serves as a gallery of wonders as they globetrot from the Philippines to Mexico and everywhere in between. Browsing their photo journey leaves the audience wondering if they ever have time to rest. But who would want to rest when there’s so much to see in so little time?


While being a digital nomad requires independent living, it’s also a welcome change to have company sometimes. With so many factors coming into play, these couples prove that coexisting in a cramped van with very minimal comforts or frequently moving places works and can even strengthen a partnership.



Written By: Frances De Guzman

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