8 Best Coworking Cafes in Barcelona

Dec 17, 2021

Barcelona, Spain’s famous city next to its capital Madrid and known for its architectural icons, is home to a growing population of remote workers. Ranked 27th in Nomadlist, remote workers rated Barcelona as one of the best places to be working in because of fast internet speed, fun vibe, and relatively good quality of life. About 4,200 nomads are currently staying in this Catalan city.


Many remote workers including journalist Chené Koscielny see Barcelona as an even better base than Paris or Geneva as the global workforce rapidly shifts to remote and virtual. Based on her experience, the city is ready and welcoming of remote workers and digital nomads as proven by the number of good opportunities that opened up to her despite being a foreigner. Communities of remote workers and digital nomads have popped up and, to house them, a multitude of coworking spaces exist within the city. In fact, these spaces have been there even before the pandemic and the number continues to rise today to accommodate the new nomads.


But do you know that besides coworking spaces, Barcelona is also home to some of the best coworking cafes? That’s right! With the laidback lifestyle of the city, it is impossible to limit remote workers to the four corners of an office-style workspace. In this article, I have picked some of the cafes in Barcelona that are perfect for working remotely.


Coco Coffice


Probably the most popular and top-of-mind coworking cafe, Coco Coffice is as its name suggests: coffee + office. Conceptualized with the remote worker in mind, this coworking cafe is a favorite spot because of the convenience that it offers. You hit two birds with one stone when you visit this gem—the workspace plus healthy bites and beverages. Flexible rates are available depending on your requirement. Price starts at 4 euros for one hour inclusive of coffee, tea, and snacks all the way to 210 euros for a one-month pass. Coco Coffice’s well-thought-out interior makes use of different seats for appealing aesthetics and it also has a special quiet booth and a meeting room for business purposes.


El Pati de la Vila


In the heart of the neighborhood of Gracia sits a unique coworking cafe and space called El Pati de la Villa. The brainchild of animal lovers Maribel and Maria, it offers a unique sense of community with the combination of work and pets. That’s right–pets! You get the picture: have your furry friend by your side while working. The goal is comfort with a variety of spaces to choose from. You and your pet can stay indoors or outdoors on their open patio. Equipped with high-speed wifi and a printer, rates start at 5 euros for walk-in hourly and 200 euros for fixed monthly. All price packages come with free and unlimited food! 


Napuccino Café

Recognizing and promoting the importance of a power nap, Napuccino Café is tagged as “the first siesta café in the world.” Where in the world would you see a cafe that has sleeping pods especially designed for short naps? Only in Barcelona! Remote workers, travelers, and businessmen are thankful to this unique concept because it allows them to recharge not only their laptop’s battery but also their energy. When not sleeping, there’s coffee and vegan bites to enjoy at Napuccino. A stable wifi and power outlets make the place even more convenient and efficient.


Federal Café Gotic


With Federal Café on this list, it seems that Barcelona is friendly not only to remote workers but also to their pets. Offering an Australian vibe and menu, Federal has two branches in Barcelona with the Gotic branch being more popular. Besides the mandatory wifi, the cafe has power outlets and working tables of different sizes that can accommodate groups. It also has a good amount of space that makes it possible for pets to visit with their humans. Customers rave about the food especially the coffee and the vegan menu.


Espai Joliu

Espai Joliu in Poble Nou continuous to wow all kinds of customers. Designed as a concept store, it stands out among the cafes in Barcelona with its plant and coffee combination. The relaxing ambience contributes to an ideal environment for coworkers. Meanwhile, the rustic outdoorsy vibe complements the plants that dot its walls. These plants, by the way, are for sale together with magazines, accessories, and other crafts. Espai Joliu as a cafe is also worth trying especially for those looking for dessert or a vegan menu.  


Juice Dudes


If you prefer to go healthy in Barcelona, this cafe located in the busy Ronda De La Universitat is the perfect place to work in. It offers vegan choices, coffee, and tea but most customers rave about their smoothies! Though many like to get their juices to-go, Juice Dudes’ ample space with electrical outlets and free wifi make it a good option for studying, working, and communing with other digital nomads. Their friendly staff and pleasant ambiance add to the wonderful coworking experience.


Spice Cafe


With a wide selection of baked goodies, Spice Cafe stands out as one of the best coworking cafes in Barcelona. Though small, it proudly caters to communities by uniting people through its homemade cakes and coffee. Its carrot cake is always a special mention in reviews. Worth noting as well is the fact that they serve vegan dishes. Located in the bustling neighborhood of Poble Sec, this charmer catches the eyes of remote workers with its quiet atmosphere and free wifi.


Baluard Barceloneta


Somewhere in La Dreta De L’Eixample sits a bakery cafe well known for its freshly baked bread that goes well with good coffee. This is Baluard Barceloneta. With a rich heritage that dates back to 1892, this cafe has been passed down from generation to generation while remaining committed to the family’s love for baking. Its brick and wooden interiors accentuated by potted greens make for the pleasant ambiance that’s ideal for working or coworking. Visit Baluard for that sumptuous breakfast to start your day right.


Though this list is only a fraction of what Barcelona has to offer, one thing is for sure: the vibrant city beckons global workers to come to its embrace. A walk through its neighborhoods will lead you to find hidden gems making the Barcelona experience all worth it.


Written By: Frances De Guzman

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