Top 10 Digital Nomad Podcasts That Will Inspire You

Oct 25, 2021

Traveling solo? While the experience may be pure bliss for most, it may also bring bouts of sadness, demotivation, and boredom for some. The good news is, in today’s digital age, you do not need to seek the physical presence of a travel buddy when the blues hit you. Podcast shows will keep you company and on track as you move from one place to another living a digital nomad lifestyle. 


According to Edison Research, an estimated eighty million of the US 12+ population have been tuning in to weekly podcasts in the first quarter of 2021. This number is expected to rise as the platform expanded to Facebook last June. Here are the top 10 digital nomad podcasts that will motivate and remind you of your life purpose:

  • Badass Digital Nomads

Search keywords “digital nomad podcasts” and Google displays the Badass Digital Nomads thumbnail first among many other podcast shows from the same category. Hosted by Kristin Wilson, the podcast began in May 2019 and boasts 131 episodes as of press time. The podcast aims to guide listeners who aspire to leave their conventional jobs and live a nomadic life just like she did back in 2002-2003.

Backed by her 4-year-old YouTube channel Traveling with Kristin, the host utilizes her expertise as she talks about freedom, career, and travels on her hit podcast show. Tune in every Tuesday for your instruction manual to transitioning from your 9-5 life to come-what-may.


  • Zero To Travel

With over eight million downloads, Zero to Travel deals with the ins and outs of travel, society, and culture as seen through the eyes of host Jason Moore and his guests. With an average running time of 1 hour per show, this podcast is for all kinds of travelers whether newbie or pro. Beyond the podcast, Jason takes his passion a notch higher by forming The Zero to Travel Caravan, a community whose members share the same love for travel. Zero to Travel uploads a new episode every Tuesday.

  • Digital Nomad Stories

Podcast strategist Anne Claessen hosts Digital Nomad Stories, an avenue where guests share their views on and experiences with different aspects of digital nomadism including dating, family, travels, and career. She calls this her “hobby podcast” because her other show called The Podcast Babes is more business-focused. Besides hosting, Anne also has guest appearances in other podcast shows to share her stories with a wider audience.  Airing for an average of 40 minutes every Tuesday, Digital Nomad Stories deserves a spot in your digital nomad playlist.

  • Digital Nomad Cafe

Now in its third year, host Adam Finan continues to create meaningful content for his business podcast Digital Nomad Cafe. Focusing on the business and marketing part of digital nomadism, the show is highly recommended for those who aspire to be a freelancer and make a business out of remote work. Adam, who has a background in web design and marketing, generously shares his knowledge with his listeners. His how-to episodes are a good reference for tips and advice to help newbies with their journey. With an average duration of 30 minutes per show, Digital Nomad Cafe uploads up to three episodes every month.

  • Become Nomad

Eli David had his fair share of life’s failures and successes when he decided to launch the Become Nomad Podcast in October 2015. Aptly subtitled Long Term Travel and Digital Nomad Lifestyle, the show is on its 89th episode as of press time and releases a new one every month. Though low on frequency in terms of uploads, Eli’s podcast remains to be a good source of information. Its self-help and philosophical approach to the notion of digital nomadism makes it stand out from a sea of similar shows. Moreover, his podcast is not guest-heavy as the bulk of the content comes from his own valuable inputs.


  • Tropical MBA

Dan Andrews and Ian Schoenen spearheaded “the podcast for location independent business owners.” With the first episode uploaded 12 years ago on July 30, 2009, Tropical MBA is one of the longest-running shows in the podcast world. Its primary purpose is to teach and share the know-how of business and entrepreneurship while being location-independent. According to their website, Tropical MBA has been downloaded more than a million times from everywhere in the world. US business schools also find their content relevant enough to be used as a valid reference. A new episode is released every Thursday.

  • EPOP Travel Podcast

True to their tagline that goes “creating insatiable wanderlust since 2013,” The Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast features interviews, practical tips, and all things travel. Husband and wife nomads Travis and Heather Sherry touch on the fun side of mobile living. Almost a decade on the web and listeners from over 183 countries have downloaded the show since its inception. Much like a travel magazine, past episodes tackled unique destinations, how-to guides, and guest travel stories that surely inspired the listeners’ wanderlust. Tune in to EPOP every Tuesday for awesome adventures around the globe.

  • That Remote Life

Host Mitko Karshovski aims to spread the wonders and benefits of location independence in his podcast That Remote Life. Guided by his own search for freedom from the clutches of the 9-5 corporate life, Mitko began exploring digital nomadism in 2015 and, after two years of thorough research, achieved success in location independence. In May 2019, the first episode of his podcast show was born and the rest, as they say, is history. That Remote Life is the ultimate remote work resource filled with Mitko’s strategies and techniques. It airs on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays for up to five episodes per month. 

  • The Nomad on FIRE Podcast

Looking for a podcast that offers something that no one else does? You’ve come to the right place with The Nomad on FIRE. The show revolves around the unorthodox concept of Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), which was formed based on a 1992 book where the aim is to save 70% of one’s annual income to be able to retire before the age of 65. Eric Richard, a FIRE advocate himself, hosts this podcast that teaches digital nomad lifestyle combined with financial independence. Other topics include travel and entrepreneurship. Go to your favorite podcast platform for the latest The Nomad on FIRE episode. Unlike most podcast shows, this one does not have a regular schedule but uploads up to five episodes per month.

  • Digital Nomad Mom

Ever wondered how digital nomadism works for those with kids in tow? Yes, the mobile lifestyle is not only for singles. Many families have been living this way including Julia Jerg of Digital Nomad Mom. Her podcast debunks the myth and proves that families can be nomads too. She shares how she and her family live the life of travel that they always dreamed of. Besides this, Julia also showcases her social media marketing skills with tips to aspiring listeners. Digital Nomad Mom airs thrice a month, usually every Monday.


Whether you are in the planning stage of living a nomadic life or already doing it, these podcasts provide lessons and knowledge to guide you through the process. And if ever you hit a snag with your plans, find direction from the encouraging words of the experienced hosts. Listen well, be inspired.


Written By: Frances De Guzman

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